Pet Only Agreement

Hawkeye Acres Olde English Bulldogge SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACT For the purposes of this contract the breeder shall be referred to as Seller and the new owner shall be referred to as Buyer and the Olde English Bulldogge (male or female) shall be referred to as Dog. ALL COMPANION/PET PUPPIES SOLD WITH LIMITED REGISTRATION ONLY. The male/female Olde English Bulldogge, Registration number __________________________ known as _____________________ , who's Birth Date is _________________, is hereby sold to: _________________________________________ Purchaser(s)_______________________________________Address___________________________________________________City, State, Zip Code_________________________________ Phone Number_______________________________ Cost of spaying/neutering if not already accomplished is to be paid by the Buyer. Upon receipt of proof of spay/neuter Buyer will be entitled to all registration papers providing that NO outstanding monies are owed Breeder/Seller and all contract stipulations have been met. It is hereby agreed by both Buyer and Seller that the above mentioned animal shall have spaying or neutering performed whichever is applicable and submit such proof to Seller by the time the Dog is 9 months-old or ownership of the Dog shall revert back to Seller without question. The Buyer who defaults on this contract is also liable for the expense of repossessing the animal in question, to include traveling expenses. Above conditions agreed to by Seller and Buyer.

Purchaser(s) signature___________________________________________________