Training your dog/puppy to be obedient!

We recommend basic training and obedience for all the puppies that leave our house. It makes for well-mannered and adjusted dog that will be a pleasure to be around. These dogs will also be quite large, so you will want them to be under control at all times and in all situations. Training should begin as soon as you bring the puppy home. Puppies have really short attention spans so you will want to work with them daily for very brief periods of time. You will want to work on your basic training commands such as stay, down, up, sit, off, etc. as soon as possible. These commands are helpful when the dog is in public areas or for trips to the vet or to visit friends. One note I'll make on this is the two commands of "off" and "down" should not be used simultaneously to mean the same thing. Sound confusing? You will want to use "down" when you want the dog to lay down. You will want to use "off" when you want the dog off of something (like furniture). We also highly recommend that you take your new puppy to puppy classes. The trainers there will be able to work with you and your puppy on different commands and how to work with the puppy. Please wait until your puppy is fully vaccinated before going to classes. My husband and I are also only phone call away if you have any questions or problems. Nipping at the face and hands will have to be worked on. As I mentioned before the best thing you can do is bite the puppy back on the lip until you here the puppy yelp in pain. They will learn very quickly not to do that. It is not cruel to bite your puppy. Mama dogs bite their young all the time when the puppies get too rowdy.

One more tip I will include is the command of "lay flat". Our breeder friend has all her dogs doing this and she starts them on this as soon as they are 8 weeks old. Place your puppy on their side and hold them so they cannot get up. Hold them gently. While holding them say "lay flat" or "flat". If they really struggle hold the leg that is against the floor so they cannot get their shoulder up. Just hold them for a few seconds and then say "half". The dog will be able to bring his head and neck up but not bring up his legs to stand up. One they are laying upward say "okay" which will let them stand up. She has introduced this method with her dogs and her extended family so when a situation comes up, the dog is under control and knows to lay still. She makes them do this for nail cutting and for vet checks. My husband and I will be introducing this method for people who want to learn how to teach their dogs how to do this. We do recommend it, however, we will not push it onto puppy purchasers. My husband and I want to be a part of you and our puppy's life. We will be available for questions and always available for puppy visits. We want you to know that once the puppy is out of our door, the door will never shut behind you.