Apollo Brag

Liz and I wanted to drop you a note for you to add to your Brag Page as you see fit. We can't express how happy we are with Apollo (formerly 'Knock Out') from Hawkeye Acres! He is the best dog ever. We call him our "bunny pig" dog. The bunny comes from the last moment when he is chasing a toy in the yard, he hops like a bunny to pounce on it and his ears flop all around. The pig part come from his propensity to snort/snore like a pig as well as rolling around in the mud. He never did get over splashing out all the water in his water dish. Thankfully, he only seems to do this when he is outside. He really enjoys playing with Petey, our cat, as well as my parent's dogs and cats. He also loves big branches, his jolly ball, rope toy, and anything else that he can run after. He loves to lay on the couch or on his dad's chest during nap time. He's also great on walks. So far, he has been great in car rides and any travels we take. He is a great watchdog too. He'll pop up and growl when he hears something he doesn't like. He growls bigger than he is, which is good. He also follows his mom around in the morning while she gets ready for work to make sure she is ok. I'm happy to report that yesterday he passed Intermediate Obedience School. It was his second attempt at it. His one "downfall" is that he is a social butterfly, so during the "distraction" exercise were the instructors come by to pet the dogs, he couldn't wait for them to get to him. We got it right this time through. Once again, we are so thankful that we "found" this breed and Hawkeye Acres.

Owned by Jake and Liz of Bettendorf, IA.

Barkley Brag

Barkley from litter of Coco and Tuff 2004-she is a great looker and awesome dispostion!


Bayle Brag

This is a picture of Bayle owner Jeremy and Casie from Davenport, Iowa(formally Lala), she is a wonderful dog. Everything we hoped she would be and more she is now 17 weeks today. She has moved right into the family from the first day we had her. We knew right away that she was a perfect match to our family. Loves to lie around and cuddle, but then will run down a 5 year old lab till he can’t play anymore, and she wants more. She is the love of our lives. Was basically potty trained after only having her for a couple weeks. I am so glad that we found such great breeder’s Rachel as been nothing but helpful, with all the silly little questions we had about Bayle when we brought her home. She told us not to be afraid to call if we had any questions; she answered all the questions we had, no hesitation. We get nothing but complements on her markings and her blue eyes. Thanks again for such a great dog. She has stolen everyone’s heart in the Davenport. I have attached some of her most recent pictures! Thanks again.

Belle Brag

How are you? I just wanted to write you and tell you that Belle is doing great! Her and Gunner love each other and are having a wonderful time playing together everyday! I’ve attached some photos so you could see all of us in action. :) I’ll send more as she gets bigger... Thanks again for sending her to us, she is such a great dog and we love her so much. She has such a great disposition! So cuddly and gentle but also loves to roll around with Gunner whenever she has the chance. She is great and we just wanted to tell you how happy we are that we have her now! Also, she is practically potty trained already. She is so smart....We can’t believe how good she is with going outside at such a young age. She cries when she has to go out and when we take her she does her business right away! Its wonderful.

Thanks again, Cam, Patrick, Gunner, Belle & Frannie (the cat)

Bosco Brag

We bought then Rosco now Bosco from you back in November 2005. Then he was a timid little love just about 9 weeks old. Now at just about 7.5 months old he is far from timid but he is still a love. Bosco came into our life, immediately turned it upside down and we love him so much for it. He became an instant member of our family and we enjoy every second of his company. He is our 50 pound shadow. Bosco enjoys playing fetch and loves to go for walks in the woods and hang out at the dog park. He is always the attention getter where ever we go, everyone comments on his face and how cute he is. He has a great temperament and a corky personality, we couldn’t be happier with our Bosco. I hope you enjoy the update. Best, Christin of Boston, MA

Bridgett Brag

We are all in love with our bulldogge, Bridget. Our lives were changed the very moment she "stepped" off the plane. We seem to speak nothing but Bridget in the house. From the very first thing in the morning to the late evening someone in the house is playing with Bridget, talking to her, or just sitting beside her petting the gorgeous little thing. She loves human contact. Bridget is such a people lover. She has welcomed our friends, family and workers at the door with her little shake of her backside. She is my father's best friend and "shadow" around the house. We believe she must be one of the smartest dogs. She has quickly learned and performs not only the tricks we have introduced her to, but also tricks of her own. As of today her favorite is to toss the ball back with her nose. When she gets tired she lays down and passes the ball back with her tongue! Bridget arrived about six months ago off the plane with everything promised. Her puppy food, health papers, and care instructions. Bridget was a healthy puppy at her arrival and continues to be a healthy, 70 pound puppy today. Long Island, New York loves her!

My "Brody" is everything anyone could want in a dog, he is a gorgeous blue fawn just like his dad "Blue Mac" , Brody excelled in obedience and agility and was truly the star in his class, he is smart, laid back, loves to play ball and take walks were he gets to meet people and show off his very sweet personality, definitely a head turner, and he has that awesome bully look we all just love! I want to thank Hawkeye Acres for producing such a wonderful dog, you have the best line of Oldes out there, you have exceeded the standard of bulldogges with excellent looks, temperament, body structure, I have had a great experience with Hawkeye Acres and Rachael has been great and very informative and quick to answer any questions I had before and after my purchase wouldn't hesitate to be a return customer. Thanks Hawkeye Acres for producing such a wonderful dog he is such a great addition to my family!!!!!!!


Chloe Brag

I can't say enough about my puppy purchase with Hawkeye Acres Olde English Bulldogges. This was my first time purchasing a puppy sight unseen other than web site photos, and we couldn't be more pleased with the little bulldogge that came off the plane. She was exactly as represented, had all of her health papers, puppy food and care instructions during the flight. We had her vetted within 48 hours after her arrival, and were given only positive "reviews" from our vet. We are new to the breed, so were not sure of some of the qualities to look for in OEB's but could tell right off that she was a well put together little pup. Our veterinarian only confirmed this at our visit. Not only is she confirmationally correct, she has a wonderful disposition...absolutely loves children and welcomes everyone at the door. At five months old now, she follows me around like my shadow and is my companion along with my Dobie on most all of my errands. She waits very quietly and patiently for me to return to my truck. She's also very intelligent and was easy to housebreak. She now rings the "jingle-bell" at the door to go out and is doing really well with her basic obedience skills. Like I said, I just can't say enough about my experience, and would highly recommend a Hawkeye Acres puppy purchase to anyone looking for an easy transaction and a high quality Olde English Bulldogge.

Sue Barry Dayville,CT

Gunny Brag

Above is Gunny proudly owned by Jermey of Ill.

Gus Brag

Just thought that we would drop you a letter and keep you up to date on Punchy who is now Gus. He is 9 months old now and wow what a fantastic dog! He is not only a social butterfly, but makes friends with every dog that catches his eye. He has such a great personality and he is a very popular dog around our neighborhood and also at the dog park! This is our first olde and we could never imagine anything but. We just want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job and providing us with such a wonderful puppy! Lets definitely keep in touch because we are strongly considering another Olde english bulldogge! Thanks so much Rachel!

Phil and Megan

Kreol Brag

This is Kreol of SD, proudly owned by The Goedens

Maddy Brag

Rachael, Just wanted to send a few photo's of Maddy for you to see how beautiful she has become! She is a wonderful dog with a shy, gentle personality. We LOVE her so much! Thank you for the beautiful line you are producing with these bullies!

Sincerely, Pete and Terrilee

Mazy Blue

Great Olde English Bulldogge produced here at Hawkeye Acres. This blue fawn and white is out of Hawkeye Acres’ Ruby Red and Hawkeye Acres’ Blue Mac.

Proudly owned by Moody Blues Bulldogs.

Murphy Brag

Hi Rachael, Thank you so much for a wonderful companion. I wasn't sure about my first bulldogge, but now I can't imagine life without him! Buzz aka Murphy is an absolute joy and has adapted to the California lifestyle in no time. He grew from the cutest puppy in the world to a handsome active boy. He absolutely loves the beach and is the best boy in his obedience class. Here are a few pictures for you, Parker, and the family.

Cheers, Neal

Olive Brag

We just wanted to drop a line and let you know how our "little bully" is doing. Olive is doing GREAT she is such a joy in our lives. She is now 7 months old. She has been great with all kids of all ages which was very important to us. Very protective of the little ones when playing she lays down next to them and watches them play. Our vet was very pleased at how good she looks for a bully. She is in perfect health. You do however you get the "wake up call" in the middle of the night from the snoring, we probably snore just as loud. She makes us laugh all the time! She really has a great personality to her she is also VERY loving and snuggly. I just cannot get over that little "shake" she has when she is happy to see you, she can hardly walk that butt just shakes from side to side! She loves going for card rides she wants to be with you as much as she can. Of course she has to wear her doggie seat belt and yes, I managed to find one what will fit her build. She knows what is going on and goes right to the car. Olive has her little bits of energy time which we have elected to call "crazy time." During this time she manages to run around the downstairs in a circle about 5 or 6 times then after that she is out cold. Other than that she is pretty much the lazy girl. Thank you so MUCH!! Attached are some pictures of Olive. Let me know if you are not able to see them. Enjoy

Rachett Brag

Hi, My name is Lauren and I've spoken with you once before and you helped me get all the information I needed to get Rachett registered in my name. He was originally bought by a family, but found his way into mine! I just wanted to let yall know what a wonderful dog he is. Playful, loyal, and goofy at times, those are the perfect words to describe him. He's got such a great look to him as well. I can't thank you enough for putting out such a great quality of dog. Also I want to thank you for helping me with get all the information I needed to get him registered. Thanks a million!

Sam Brag

This is picture of one of your produced males in Phoenix, AZ. This is one of the finest dogs ever to be bred i got him from a lady out here who could not keep him. I've had bulldogs my whole life this is the best all around dog in the world!

Thx Roy

Tucker Brag

We had promised you that we would send you pictures of him. These are a few of the pictures that i used for my calendar. Tucker has such a personality and we can't imagine what it would be like without him. hope you enjoy these pictures! I will send more pictures soon!! Thank you again, we couldn't ask for a better dog other than his humping and farting!!

The Olson family- Madison, Wisconsin

Tucker Grad Brag

Tucker is a dream... He’s the sweetest dog ever. We graduated puppy kindly last month with flying colors. He loved all of the attention he got every time we took him to class, and ended up having to allow extra time for all the questions from people who wanted to pat him on our way to each class. He's so very mellow, and friendly to everyone he meets. I can't say enough about how helpful you were when we were in the process of waiting for Tucker to get old enough to fly home to us... The weekly pictures, the updates on his weight and how he was doing...it was awesome! I'm attaching a couple of pictures so you can see how he’s doing... As you can see, he just gets more handsome all the time!!

Thanks! Jo

Wilson (aka Chancey) has been such a wonderful addition to our family, thank you so much.

When we lost our 2yr old Olde Louis in July this year to cancer, we were devestated. Our dogs are our children and to lose Louis was more than we could bear.

Having Wilson in our lives now has been such a blessing. It brought our other dog Molly and ourselves out of depression. Wilson and Molly have been best pals since the day we brought him home. They are inseperable. They wrestle, run, swim, and play all day. And @ naptime you will still not find them far from each other!

Wilson is so smart for his young age. He will be 6mo @ the end of this month and we have had no issues with potty training. The biggest challenge we have with him is with him being too friendly and learning to stay in the yard. Other than that he loves to go for walks on or off the leash. He even takes Molly's leash and walks her! He likes going for car rides. He was getting used to riding on dad's lap while driving so he could see out the window, but now that he is tall enough he can look out the back window on his own.

He loves to swim, just like our Louis used to. The 1st day we brought him to the beach he ran right into the water!

He snores very loudly, but it adds to his character even though it keeps dad up most nights! He has brought "life" back into our lives and we are so grateful to have such an angel.

Jeremy, Tara & Molly (Tiffin, IA) If you currently own a pet from our family, please feel free to email me your updates/photos of your pet at coaral@gmail.com. We would love to hear from all and see the quality of pets produced here at Hawkeye Acres!!!